Degraves Espresso Melbourne.

At Degraves Espresso Melbourne, we are proud to announce that our food and philosophy have been paying homage to “nostalgia’ since our reopening in May 2022. Our unique combination of Spanish and European flavours and classic Melbourne Brunch culture has established us as a leader in the Melbourne Breakfast scene.

Our aim and take on food has always been to preserve the essence of our iconic destination while elevating it to meet the standards of Melbourne’s finest dining establishments. With the addition of our full A ‘La Carte European Dinner menu, we are bringing a touch of sophistication to the quirky Degraves Street.

We strive to build on our repertoire and execution of dishes pushing the boundaries within the evolving culinary world that Melbourne is so famous for. 

Our dishes are simple in concept, but expertly crafted with a focus on bold and well-balanced flavours. A young and passionate kitchen team is dedicated to executing each dish with precision and care.

We invite you to come taste our European flavours and experience our passion for food.