Depot Adventures

by | Nov 12, 2023

Meet Hugo, the co-owner and Melbourne Manager of Depot Adventures, a premier walking tour company meticulously crafted to provide guests with extraordinary and distinctive experiences of Melbourne. Explore the vibrant city through their thoughtfully curated 3-hour walking tours, featuring options like the ‘Complete’ tour, the intriguing Hidden Bar Tour, and the delectable Night-time Food Tour.

Drawing on a decade of experience as a Melbourne guide, Hugo’s passion for tourism has taken him across the globe, from educating in Edinburgh to orchestrating summer camps in Philadelphia. Despite his worldly adventures, he always finds himself drawn back to his roots in Melbourne. In addition to helming Depot Adventures, Hugo is a co-owner of Local Brewing Co., a craft brewery formed with a circle of friends. During moments of respite from his professional engagements, you’re likely to spot him at a lively trivia night or savouring a coffee and a meal at Degraves Espresso.

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As a special treat for your community, I’ve created the discount code “Degraves,” offering a generous 15% off when booking directly through the website. We can’t wait to welcome you and share the magic of Melbourne with you soon!